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A Beginner’s Guide to Cloudways Course

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  1. Introduction

  2. Cloudways Dashboard Tour
  3. Lesson
  4. Lesson
  5. Why Cloudways? What to expect?
    3 Topics
  6. Account creation and a special promo code
  7. Server management
    Account settings and real-time billing
  8. Team management and permissions
  9. How to manage your projects in Cloudways?
  10. Servers and applications management
  11. Addons, CloudwaysBot, and API
  12. Server-level Settings
  13. How to choose the right server for your business?
  14. SFTP and SSH access
  15. How to create a new server on Cloudways?
  16. Application management
    How to Stop, Start, and Restart a Server?
  17. How to transfer your server to another Cloudways account?
  18. How to Create Cron Jobs on your server?
  19. How to Clone Your Server on Cloudways?
  20. How to Configure Server-level Backups and Off-Site Backups?
  21. Application-level Settings
  22. How to Launch a New Application on a New Server
  23. Get your website live on Cloudways
    Master Credentials and Application Credentials
  24. How to Add an Application to an Existing Server
  25. How to clone your app and create a staging site
  26. How many applications can be hosted on the same server?
  27. How to Backup and restore your Application
  28. Setting up Mailboxes and SMTP
    How to install WordPress on Cloudways
  29. How to migrate your existing WordPress sites to Cloudways
    2 Topics
  30. Access website files and databases
    How to point your domain name to Cloudways
    2 Topics
  31. How to install free SSL with Cloudways
  32. Improve Website Speed and Performance
    How to Install any custom SSL
  33. Configure your email client with Cloudways
    2 Topics
  34. Configure SMTP on your server to improve email deliverability
  35. How to access your applications through SFTP or SSH (such as FileZilla)
  36. Optimize the Cron Jobs (disable on Wordpress and enable on server level)
  37. Security and Bot protection
    How to access your database manager on Cloudways?
  38. Configure a WordPress Caching plugin
    2 Topics
  39. Enable and configure CDN on Your Website
    2 Topics
  40. Fine-tuning WordPress to optimize performance even further
  41. Resources and Support
    Website Speed Comparison
  42. Two-Factor Authentication
  43. Manage server security settings
  44. Two methods to configure Bot protection for your application
  45. Server monitoring and scaling
  46. Additional Resources
  47. How to get support
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