Top 1 Best Passive Income

Hey Entrepreneurs,

After a few months without writing on my blog with no motivation to do so, I am back with Power to Share the Best Passive Income!!  *YEAH*

I just felt that’s a great time to you Guys to know that after an intense internet search of 1 year, people experiences, books and so on…. I have come to a conclusion on what’s the Best Passive Income to get in Your Whole Life and I just started doing it in January 2017.

So I have read about everything you could imagine, from Freelancing, Drop shipping, Affiliate Marketing, creating products/eBooks, Multi-level Marketing to Real Estate.

So First – I Though Freelancing will be the best one because I could work and live anywhere in the world!
but then I would have to take 8 hours of my day to work 🙁

Second – with Drop shipping I could make money while I Sleep 😛

But then I had no time to take care of customer support…

Thirdcreating and ebook would be the best option because I could sell and not taking care of customer support because it’s a virtual product.

but then I had to invest time creating content and writing 😐 the return is good 😉


After exploring all those topics I found the TOP 1 Passive Income but Don’t tell anyone!

  • You earn money overnight
  • You don’t need much money (use other people’s money)
  • You grow your wealth
  • You need almost no time to manage
  • You can escalate the business if you like
  • You get a secure passive Income


Can you guess what’s the Top 1 Best Passive Income ?

So in January I bought my T4 House with a 240m in the backyard that is nearly finished to be a complex of 6 Apartments. So image my cost of 220 coins per month in loan and earnings of 1200 coins (300*6). Better than that is my tenants pay the loans and the loan would be my wealth in 30 years 😀


My first Small and Ugly House but I Love it



So I beat by now you know which Business to choose – Renting Real Estate FTW!