Passive income vs Active income

Which income is best for you ?

Lets think about a more practical real life example:

You own a house and are unsure if you should sell it or rent it.

Sell is an Active income source where you get a huge amount of money right away

Rent  is a Passive income source where you will be getting little amount of money over the years

My own opinion, if you are a bit old think about active income so I http://teespring.comcould enjoy life in the moment but if you are young Think about investing in your future with Passive income so you could retired earlier.

You got the point but what about Online Business ?

There are several Businesses of both kinds and for example if you go with selling t-shirts with Teespring you could make active income right away like I did with no previous historic of selling or doing any kind of online sales!

Active Income

  • Teespring – Selling t-shirts online
  • Amazon – Selling physical stuff Online
  • Ebay – Buying and selling physical products
  • Freelancing – Selling your services for X$ / hour

Passive Income

  • Create a Site / Blog – Display ads and affiliate links
  • Make a digital product – Sell it Online over and over again
  • Building a Service Business – Where you can scale with little effort



Passive in a long run… while active in a short run.

Go with Passive income if you

  • You like investing in your future so you rip the benefits later
  • Work hard now and enjoy life in their full potential few months/years later
  • You can invest money, if you have, if you haven’t you can invest your time. Change to Active income for a bit.
  • Patient people who enjoy see their empire getting bigger and bigger each day.

Go with Active income if you

  • Need money NOW
  • Need motivation to get started
  • Want results and check if this kind of Online Business works



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