7 Power Ways to Actually Make Money in Online Business

I won’t talk about the boring ways to make little money providing your time for some silly jobs.

This post is about making money in a consistent way and that means building you business with little effort in a way you get a passive income over time doing something you like.

Here are 5 proven ways on how to make money and build your Online Business:

  1. Freelance Business – Use your Freelancing skills like Writing, Translating, Design, etc. There are so many services to simplify this process like Fivver.com, freelance.com, upwork.com
  2. T-shirt Business – Teespring is one of the most wellknown online service that make it possible for you to make your online t-shirt Store fast and easy. Your only concern is to make a design!!
  3. E-Commerce Business – Sell something that you know with Shopify is easier than ever before.
    If you can use the drop-shipping methodology to automate the process, its worth it.
  4. Selling digital content online – That’s my favorite one because there is little customers support, customers know what they are buying, if you sell 1 or 1 thousand the work is the same and you can scale really fast.
  5. Affiliate Marketing – Promote someone else’s products or services to earn a % of the sale. Great for starting out because you don’t need to build the product, neither take care of customers support or problems of product / service… Your duty is find costumer and redirect to seller site.
  6. Email Marketing – Build your list email list with a pre-made template and URL from a Email Service provider and send emails with your products, services, links and stuff.

What ever your choice, remember this Awesome quote from Zig Ziglar

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help
enough other people get what they want.”

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