Top 3 Critical Rules before starting Your Online Business

Creating an Online Business is a long investment in your Site and so you need to make the right decisions NOW to benefit as soon as possible.

So decisions about your hosting can greatly affect your online business later and let me tell you that I don’t recommend free hosting at or because those 3 Reasons:

  1. If you use the free option, the service provider will own your domain name or we can say you Online Business Address. For example, if I had the WordPress free service my domain would be instead of Note: If you don’t have a domain, Grab one of those quality service that I use and Recommend NameSilo.
  2. You will be limited in term of customization and functionalities. For example, only allow a few plugins and you can’t put ads on your site.
  3. It’s not the best idea to build your business on someone’s platform because they Own your content and may do any changes to your platform / site. 

These 3 reasons are essential to Start in the right way your Online Business and that’s why I recommend going with a self-hosted website.

You own and control everything besides it looks a lot more professional. Sign up with A2Hosting that I use and Recommend.


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